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Yoga and the role it can play in your Pregnancy

Yoga and the role it can play in your Pregnancy

Yoga is the BFF of almost everyone who’s into fitness and the dream of living a long healthy life. Though, Yoga can be a real support to even the pregnant mothers if they are doing it regularly and it a limited amount.

As most researches suggest, Yoga is an activity that can help you stay fit and even support your mental health in the stressful time of pregnancy. It is known to even impact your baby’s health in a positive way.

With Yoga’s help, you can reduce your anxiety and stay active enough to be ready and calm during your pregnancy and labor. Some mothers claim that it helps them go through the night with better sleep and improved stress dealing ability.

Which type of Yoga is the best?

To ensure you are doing the right pose and at the right time, you shouldn’t be following the poses directly from a book or any other source. The best way is to join a group of other pregnant women with a proper instructor and you can get properly trained to not only practice the new postures timely but even adapt to each posture.

Plus, since it’s your pregnancy time you can’t risk trying new and complex yoga moves now. Coming to the styles, yoga has to be the one that suits your baby’s position which shifts as your bump gets bigger while your pregnancy continues. Also, as a pregnant mother, you need to take everything slowly.

Don’t hesitate even once if you need any kind of support for a wall or a chair, for any posture. If you haven’t done yoga ever you definitely need to be gentler and really slower as you step into it.

Is it safe?

Yes, exercising, if done in fine amount is safer as it brings down risks of high BP and diabetes. It even makes your body flexible and ready for labour time. And as most doctors suggest little activity is important for pregnant mothers.

Plus, exercise is still one of the best ways to relieve yourself from any unwanted stress or anxiety.

Connecting with your body

Even if you are doing once every week or more than that, it means that you are taking some hours out just for yourself. As pregnancy moves on, your body responses while getting used to the yoga pose and you notice how easy one pose and how easy other is not.

In a way, you get to hang our and know your body like you can’t do during any other activity. From how well your spine can stretch to how meaningful your deep breathes are for you.

More Moms

Yes, not to forget another benefit of doing that you get to meet more like mothers going through the same experience that you are. With fitness and mental relief, every mother who does yoga also creates a sort of group around pregnancy where women can connect with other women with similar lifestyles changes and similar issues.

Sharing what you are going through might not relieve your physical pain, but as most mothers say it, it surely makes the route-way smoother and you can even land yourself some really great tips and ideas to ease out even your life and physical problems. And believe it or not, if you research just enough you are going to find some really good local and professionally run yoga programs. In a country like India, which promotes Yoga, now is better time than ever to find anything which is related to the world of Yoga.

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