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What does it take to prevent a child from pandemic

What does it take to prevent a child from pandemic

What is pandemic? Does it requires a really lot efforts to protect a child from such? Well pandemic is dieases epidemic that has spread across a large region for instance a country or the whole world. We all are aware about the fact that today half of the world is facing pandemic situations due to Covid-19 (coronavirus). Earlier this virus has been confined to the country China but now it has taken over the whole world along with it, and thus WHO has declared it pandemic. The situation is really worsened. Each and everyone is at a very high risk. But apart all of it the one who are at the greatest risk are the old ones and the kids as their immune system is not much strong to handle that. Well it becomes a part of parenting only about how you can prevent your child from getting infected from such pandemic diseases. Not only pandemic but even a small disease that catches your child at an early age will have a bad impact on his/her entire life. So its important for one as parent to prevent your child from such harsh diseases. It includes all the factors such as a proper diet, awareness about such issues, preventing a child from being panic, and also the very important fact that ‘prevention is better than cure’. According to the recent report of WHO amid coronavirus is that one should panic if he suffers from this, being patient is very important at this time. Also it isn’t possible to make vaccines available for almost all the disease so its better that one should always take preventive measures instead of finding a cure for it.

Learning to take precautions to prevent the contraction of these illnesses and also learning to recognize the symptoms of these illnesses early by parents is critical in preventing the spread of communicable diseases and keeping their kids healthy. Some of the safety measures by parents for their childrens are-


It is a process by which a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease, typically by the administration of a vaccine. When a child is born it is made compulsory for all the parents to give their child proper vaccine from time to time such as polio vaccine and all. Vaccine stimulates the body’s own immune system to protect person against subsequent infection or diseases. If parents are clinically unaware about this or they are not financially strong then the government provides such support to them. In india polio vaccines are given by the government to each and every child. The government agent went from one to another home just to give vaccines and makes people aware about this.


This is a very important factor in prevention of any kind of disease. Parent should always practise their child with the habbit of washing hands from time to time. Whenever they are returning from school, from playing they should first wash their hands. Before and after eating a meal washing hands is very important. If parents didn’t make their child aware about such practises it will become difficult for him to follow such practise in pandemic situations because one or the other time they will forget to do these practise. The center for Disease Control (CDC) also found that washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds proved the most efficient. If the child is unable to wash their hands, the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer has proven helpful in eliminating much of the disease causing bacteria.


Another important practice to prevent the spread of common childhood illnesses is to cover the child’s mouth and nose with a tissue when they cough or sneeze. Having a disposable tissue is preferred but may not be practical in all situations. In situations that a tissue is not available or the child is not compliant, teaching them to cough or sneeze into their inner arm, at the point of the elbow, is also helpful. Coughing into the inner arm, at the point of the elbow, is much more effective at preventing the spread of disease than the age old practice of covering the mouth and nose using the hands. This is because the child’s hands, once made dirty, are not commonly cleaned prior to making contact with shared items. The use of face masks have also proven effective, especially with children who fail to regularly cover their mouth properly using a tissue or their inner arm.


Recognizing symptoms early on is crucial to successfully prevent the spread of childhood illnesses. Parents should always be aware of their child’s routine behaviors, activity level and temperature. While symptoms may help indicate the contraction of an illness, it may be very difficult to diagnose the illness simply by symptoms alone. For this reason it is important that children should regularly visit with their parents their healthcare provider when significant health changes are noticed. Some of the common symptoms are- fever, headache, diarreha, nausia and vometting, sore throat, cough etc.

While some of these symptoms overlap with those experienced with the common cold or flu, they may indicate a more severe illness and should be evaluated by a professional healthcare provider if they persist or progress in severity. If a child is experiencing any of these symptoms it is important that they refrain from having regular contact with other individuals besides their caretaker until diagnosis, treatment, and recovery are completed.

Today, parents and their neighbors have a wide range of resources to help in keeping the younger population safe and healthy. Because of medical interventions and with the advent of vaccinations more than a dozen diseases, some of which were often fatal, are at their lowest levels in history. Each person doing their part is critical in continuing this progress in the health of young children. Taking early action may mean the difference between saving a life and preventing the spread of disease.


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