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What does it take to approach positive attitude in childrens?

What does it take to approach positive attitude in childrens?

The answer to the above raises question is- Family centered care. It is among those approaches that provides an extended view of how to work with childrens. It is made up of set a values, and approaches that develops postive attitude in children and teaches parents about how they can also deal up with their specially-abled child. One should bring such practises in their normal course od life so as to enable learning and development in their child. These practises emphasizes the use of various tools for developement of childrens and also emhasizes on improving their healthcare.

Inspite of having a lot of challenges it proves to be a best remedy in making developmental milestones in childrens. It helps them to learn various skills like toilet training, hand washing, cleaning up, and self dressing skills involving fine motor skills like fingers and hands. These skills builds autonomy and initiatives as the child develop. It focuses on empowering the education in childrens so that they may be able to solve up their own problems. Obviously in today’s world where the kids are found to be of stubborn nature, they are likely to fall in wrong company with wrong people. This amounts to drugs or alcohol issues in them. In order to overcome the family centered care should be started at an early age, this will leads to develop moral values in them.

Also, in India the main hindrance to the success of youth coming out is the education. Mostly parents are uneducated and unaware of the practises, or the acts they need to do in parenting. Some are busy with their own lives while some does not care, some are unknown to these facilities while some just intentionally ignores by considering it as a matter of innocence among childrens. There are some principles of family centered care, these are-


  • Families hold unique and essentials sets of knowledge for childrens which they should respect.
  • Families holding expertise in a feild should make use it work worthly so that their childrens could also drive out some benefits from them.
  • Recognizing child needs and interacting with them is called as strength-based approach. 


  • Many of the decisions have implications on child so it should be made in accordance to that implications.
  • Parents should share some power with the childrens, power here is to give them some authority to take their own decisions.
  • Good outcomes fron childrens are likely to arise when the powers and decisions have been taken by sharing in between the child and parent.


Network through which family can be more aware about the principles  in raising child are-

  • Family to program: It provides families with a lot of resources such as creative ideas, cultural information, language skills and so on, as to enable these skills in childrens.
  • Program to family: It rather than providing resources to families for parenting focuses to empower them through educating about different policies of parenting so that they could also come up with a strong network.
  • Family to family: Two or more families could also act as a network by rendering and recieving services nurturing the benefits thereof.
  • Community to family: Most families have their communities as a source. They can interact with them, they can also leave their childrens behind in case they are going to a market place or somewhere else.

It is worth noticing that parenting is not an easy task, but it is also interesting to note that it’s the world most beautiful task that everyone wants to do at a stage of life. By being beautiful it’s also very challenging. Be there are poor parents, rich parents or else it is dificult for every economical section of parents. Just be supportive with your child, give them courage, love, affection they will realise its value afterwards and will love you forever. This article deals with all such practises that one needs to implement in parenting be it interacting with other networks or be it giving them basic skills right from their childhood. Implementing these practises will nurture your child with a lot of benefits in life.

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