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What does it mean to spend “Quality Time” with your Children?

What does it mean to spend “Quality Time” with your Children?

With work, relations, and an endless list of chores taking out some time just for your kids seems like a really tough job. And it actually is. But, if we see it from the kids’ perspective, it’s never enough. Growing up, their parents are their favorite people in the whole world and they deserve, desire some real-time with you.

As parents, it should always be our goal to spend some meaningful time with our children which might be tougher for the working parent, though when you come around it, it’ll also be totally worth the efforts.

That’s why, today, we’ll cover a few tips to ensure that you have a clear definition of Quality Time with your Children and also achieve it with efficiency.

Beginnings & Ends

We always remember our kids’ firsts. The first time they walked, talked or went to school and whatnot. That principle has to be applied to every day. From the first moment they greet you in the morning to the end of the day when they go to their beds, you have to make those moments memorable.

The best way to do so would be to develop a type of routine that can include activities like Bedtime stories, morning walks, “how was today” talks or just a simple heartful “I love you”. Whatever you choose to do, it’ll become an essential part of your kids’ day and personality. For these occasions, you don’t even have to take time out of your schedule. You simply need to adapt to a routine where a part of your day will always have your children in it.

Assumptions are Harmful

Most parents make the mistake of assuming that the kids already know that you love them and that you enjoy spending your time with them. If you take part in their playtime or just a conversation, please be there with them and don’t forget to let them know. There’s no harm in telling your kids how much you enjoy doing whatever you want to be a part of, in their lives. You must also mean it.

Also, don’t do the stupid mistakes of love with conditions. I’ve noticed parents telling their kids how they won’t love them or stop becoming their parents if the children do something stupid like eating extra chips. Yes, it might make them stop but that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Kids are innocent beings who will learn and make silly mistakes but in no case can you tell them that you may stop caring for them or loving them. These tiny words stick to their heads for a long time and most parents only realize it too late. They choose to assume that kids will understand that they will not fully believe their words. Well, not surprisingly, they do.


Quality time means taking out time for just your kids. This means not replying to work emails, not checking random memes or funny videos even if your child enjoys them. Quality time has to be the time for no distractions. Your kid deserves your prime focus and all the attention in the world.

Their words and ideas may not be the smartest in the world, but you surely can make time from your adult life to, in a way, be a kid again. So, put your phone on Do-Not-Disturb, turn off that TV and let the world know that the following hour or so will be dedicated only to your little one.

Be Creative

Since you want to make the quality time memorable, you have to do some extra work too. Children get bored way more easily as compared to adults. Which is why you need to keep coming up with fun activities that both of you can enjoy.

A very simple tactic is creating random lists of things that you two would enjoy during the quality time. Ask your kids to suggest as well, since, in the end, they are the real boss. Once you have enough, you may even start randomly picking out activities and repeat some as well. This gives you an edge around finding activities that your child may want to do with you. It can be anything from a trip around to park to a whole evening at an amusement park.

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