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Tips to make study interesting for kids

Tips to make study interesting for kids

Are you frustrated that your child seems unmotivated to study or refuse to learn independently? It has been repeatedly advised by researchers not to force the children to sit with their text books but indirectly motivate them to do so. Parents have to make studies interesting enough for them through motivation and performance merits.

You can guide your children to develop effective study habits through tried and tested scientific methods that will prove beneficial in the long run. Let us discuss few of them below:

1.Emphasize storytelling and practical learning:

one of the  best know study tips for children is the practice of storytelling. When you narrate real life incidents that are related to their study topics and perform some practical experiments with them, it will spur their interest in the subject.

2. Respect their choices

Allow your children to spend time with the subjects they like the most. Let them be happy with their studies on the whole, even if they are inclined  towards one or two subjects only.

Once they develop a habit for studying,  coax them into giving time to other subjects as well. Let them develop their interest naturally, through  positive and gentle approach.

3. Mental imagery

Help your children develop mental images with respect to the texts they learn. It is one of the most effective techniques for children that help them memories their lessons faster. Study says an image has a deeper impact then texts on a child’s brain.

4. Group studying 

If you have more than one child or children of same age in the neighborhood, iyts best to make them study together, so that they get motivated by each other. You can also ask your children to invite their friends over for an exam learning session. If you make your children take practice tests, be sure to reward them if they score well.

5. Learn from children

Whenever your children come back from school and are ready to spend some time with you, ask them what was taught in the school casually, and not in an interrogative tone.

Ask them to teach you ask if you were their wards, and not the other way round. Your child will not feel the pressure to demonstrate their learning skills and will also be able to revise their lessons through such sessions.

Be supportive to cause a natural flow of information, which they may digest happily. Help you child grow fond of studies.


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