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Things to ensure for becoming the perfect Role-Model for your Child

Things to ensure for becoming the perfect Role-Model for your Child

During his or her school years, every child spends most hours at home and while that period, the person she or he most observes is the parent. It can either be the mom or the dad. Yes, not every child becomes like their parents but parents certainly set examples for the person they want their children to be like. So, when we are at it, we have to do a pretty good job.

Consciously or sub-consciously, the children are going to adapt to your ways of dealing with things, your lifestyle, and even your daily habits. There can be a long list of stuff that we need to take care of while trying to be the perfect role-model for our kids but here are the few essentials that you can’t miss at any cost:

Money is Serious

The big part of being an adult is making budgets and attempting to stick to them. Now, most children learn about the money-management way later in their adulthood and that too after multiple wrong decisions and sometimes, some seriously bad experiences.

That’s why you, as a parent, need to instill the skills of money management into your kids’ minds way early than most children. Now comes the tricky part, for some families this will mean teaching the kids the value of money and how carefully they are supposed to spend and budget their money. It can include everything from basic accounting to piggy banks.

However, for the wealthier families, the picture is somewhat contrasting. Here, parents also have to give an extra lesson about how money, in real life, isn’t going to be the ultimate solution to most of their problems and that they need to see the value of things and people beyond their net-worth.

Smoking is injurious to Life

Recent surveys reveal that almost every child, before hitting teenage is exposed to smoking in some way or the other. It can be from within and as in most cases, outside the family. The tender minds can’t make out the difference between people enjoying smoking and it is bad for them.

As adults, it will be our responsibility to not only limit their access to regular smokers but also to inform them about the hazardous impact of smoking on their health, career, and relations. Also, don’t hesitate in including why some people are addicted to it and how they should quit it. Doing this will enable them to see the misery in the lives of smoking addicts the next time they notice them, even if you aren’t around to inform them about it.

Mistakes are Human

Nowadays, there’s a common tendency that can be seen around children of all ages. Most of them are scared to make even the slightest mistakes. For some, the reason can be the strictness of their teachers or parents; for others, it can simply be an ultra-disciplined environment around which they grew up.

Making our children grow up in the mindset that making mistakes can always land them in trouble is actually a major cause of mental health issues and could lead to children closing themselves from the world whenever they feel guilty at the slightest level. This is the reason that a lesson must be shared with them about how making mistakes is always going to be a part of being human and there’s nothing to worry about.

Mistakes are lessons worth having, if not anything else. However, do keep in mind that you need to ensure that the punishments that they might receive from their teachers or any seniors aren’t setting the examples of the contradiction. This thing goes unnoticed in most cases, so you should keep a check on that for sure.


The final but most important lesson that you don’t want to miss out on is addictions and how badly can they affect us. Addiction can be of anything from drugs to gaming. Children need to be taught how too much of anything always ends up causing harm to them.

Make sure you keep it different from smoking. Since smoking and similar habits are the ones that should be avoided at any cost. However, small doses of habits like gaming, browsing, etc isn’t harmful to their health or lifestyle.

Whatever lesson you may choose to shed upon your child’s mind, be sure that you believe in it as much as you want your kid to do.

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