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Things that Pregnant Mothers Must Avoid

Things that Pregnant Mothers Must Avoid

For mothers, Pregnancy is a period where they have to sacrifice a lot of stuff from their time and energy to the places or activities she can be a part of. However, even with so many suggestions and basic sense around such stuff, there are a few elements which mothers can accidentally forget banning from their life. This list covers just that.


This might seem contradictory to avoid medicines during the time of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, doing so would be a very smart choice. Many common medicines can have side effects and adverse impacts of the baby which is why you can’t take any medication until you consult your doctor.

This is a common mistake that can be avoided very easily. During the final stages of pregnancy, it can even increase the risk of miscarriage.


This must be the most obvious item in the list, Smoking is a habit that you have to quit, with no exception of even a single cigarette. Even passive smoking can leave long-term damage to young ones. So, every pregnant mother has to avoid Smoking at any cost.

If possible, for the well-being of the baby, your house, workplace or wherever you might travel to should be a smoke-free area. Yes, that also means that your partner and everyone else has to bid farewell to their smoking habits, at least while they are around the mother. Keep it as a rule or a suggestion, this precaution is very important.

Green Tea

We all have heard how great green tea is for health and fitness because we have seen its impact on adults very clearly. What we don’t clearly know is its impact on the babies. Most doctors play it safe and ask their patients to avoid having green tea at all during the period of pregnancy.

For the ones who can’t go about their day without it, one cup each day has to be the maximum limit of the green tea they can consume. Or better, you can switch to something which has proven a better impact on your pregnancy. Chamomile tea is a commonly prescribed example which doctors recommend patients to drink every day during the pregnancy.


It’s that Alcohol isn’t completely banned during the pregnancy and small doses of it don’t cause any huge harm to the baby. However, you also can’t ignore the fact that not avoiding alcohol is an invitation to the risks of unwanted complications in the pregnancy. The chances can be slim but they are there and no amount of Alcohol is worth more than your child.

To resist the temptation, you must also avoid going to the places that serve alcohol and brining alcohol at home shouldn’t be the case as well. Plus, not to forget, this ban on alcohol isn’t limited to only pregnancy but has to continue during the whole time you are breastfeeding your baby.


Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Coke or any other energy drink/bar is off-limits for the pregnant ladies when its amount is too much. It’s okay to consume two bars of chocolate or two cups of tea each day but none of them can be too strong in terms of caffeine.

Caffeine is known to have adverse effects on the baby and it can be a fuel to help you work around the day, it should be resisted as much as you can. If you are a night-owl who has to stay up till late, you can try having slight amount of coffee before you start working. Too much at once might set you off. Plus, there are some fruits like Apple which have, in some researches, shown effects that help you stay awake; you can opt for them as well.

And when any of the above-mentioned sacrifices seem too hard, just think of the baby for which you are doing it. It’ll all be a piece of cake.

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