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The common parenting mistakes

The common parenting mistakes

Parenting is one of the most amazing experiences ever, but it can easily be called the most frustrating too!

Every new day brings a new challenge in the life of parents. While you mostly try to smile and work around it, there are times when you just can’t keep your cool. If this scenario looks familiar, you are not alone.

All parents go through trying times when it comes to handling their kids. The key is to remain calm instead of showing your anger. Very soon, your children will respect your behavior and try and emulate your ‘chilled’ personality.

The very first problem is-

This is one of the most annoying parenting problem that can easily aggravate parents. A child who starts crying at the drop of a hat or who does not listen to reason is difficult to manage. However there are certain solutions also through which we can overcome this problem.

  1. In such a situation it is important to not lose your cool. It is best not to react instantly
  2. Tell your child that you will listen to him only after he stops crying.
  3. It is important to show your kids that you are not unnerved by their tantrums.


Children often do this to show their importance. Saying no to what you want them to do and disobedience in taking orders is very common. It also have certain solutions.

  1. You can always respect their opinions, but teach them what is right and wrong.
  2. Your calmness and composure will definitely soothe them
  3. Don’t try to curb your child’s autonomy.


For those of you who have two or more children, constant fights among the siblings can be one of the biggest challenges. Frequent fights and arguments over nothing can drive any parent nuts. It’s solutions are-

  1. The best way to handle this is to separate siblings after a fight to make them cool down.
  2. Don’t try to be a judge by deciding who is right and who is wrong.
  3. Also make some rules in advance so that there are lesser issues to be dealt later on.


Children often resort to telling lies, not knowing that you are aware of their lying. Solution to this problem are-

  1. Instead of being judgemental or angry, explain that lying will not lead them anywhere.
  2. Give them some time and let them learn on their own that lying is harmful.
  3. Never punish them or scold them for lying.


An angry child is stressful for parents. Frustration aggravates when complaints start pouring in about your child beating others and resorting to little violence. It’s solutions are-

  1. Try to find out reasons for his anger and understand his anger.
  2. Most of the times, your child does have valid reason.
  3. If there are anger pangs that are frequent and increasing, it is best to start therapies on anger management to rule out the serious manifestations later.


Almost all children whine and complain, but some do more of it. You may consider it as a problem and start ignoring them and do little to understand the complaints of your little ones. It’s solutions are-

  1. Most times you may fail to understand that your children complain or whine only to seek your attention.
  2. No matter how trivial, talking to your child often helps rather than side lining it.


Children hate to study and no parent tolerates such behaviour. As a parent you may try to coerce your kid to study hard and put pressure at performing well. It’s solutions are-

  1. When your child is genuinely uninterested in studies, find out what he is interested in.
  2. Let your child tread this path slowly and learn from the experiences.
  3. Pressurising your child to study can never result in anything good.


Children often love all the junk food in the world and hate anything nutritious. As a parent you try your best to feed them by force and by deception, but this never works out. It’s solutions are-

  1. Help your child develop a taste for nutritional food by getting them involved in the cooking process.
  2. Prepare healthy meals your child likes.


Children these days are born with affinity towards gadgets. Their addiction can bring down your patience level to deal with the same. It’s solutions are-

  1. Introduce them to other interesting hobbies and activities.
  2. Try to control the hours your child spends on such gadgets.


Some children shun company and are always lonely. This can be a cause for concern, as parents may feel their child is getting left out. It’s solutions are-

  1.  It is often seen that after a certain age shyness vanishes.
  2.  If your child is going through this, you need to tread carefully.
  3. Whatever you do, do not force him to mix with others.

Parenting as a whole is a beautiful experience and these phases are like passing clouds. Understanding problems in parenting and dealing them with tact and presence of mind is the best way.


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