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The Crafty SuperMom – Kshitij Shrivastav

The Crafty SuperMom – Kshitij Shrivastav

Moms can do wonders, can bright up your day with her creativity, the inbuilt default interior designer and the star of the house. Today we share the story of one such mom who is taking her passion for DIY crafts and creativeness one notch higher.

Kshitij Shrivastav, is a SuperMom , Founder of DIY SAVVY MOMMY and blogger at Momspresso.  Originally from India, she moved to Singapore with her husband due to work commitments. She always had a fancy to create crafts and decorate her own house. However with the birth of her daughter, she found a little admirer who would love her creations and that motivated her to share it with a larger audience. That is how she started her own youtube channel , DIY SAVVY MOMMY, which provides budget friendly DIY craft ideas. She also writes as a blogger at Momspresso.

Her Daughter being only 3 and half years old, sometimes it really gets difficult to manage work and home simultaneously. When asked about how she manages it all, she says,

I believe in balancing my work and kid simultaneously. I follow the 7 * 10 * 7 rule where 7 hours is for my sleep. 10 hours is for my daughter and family time and around 7 hours for myself where I practice mindfulness, fitness and my work.

She believes setting her expectations and priorities straight helps in managing her day today life.When asked about how she strikes a good balance between protecting her kid and equipping her for whatever they may encounter when they step outside of home, she mentions ,

Yes, I believe its essential to strike a balance. I try to get a lot of outdoor exposure for my kid and let her understand and observe how things work and how to interact with people. Its important to raise an Independent and empathetic individual.

She believes being a disciplined and loving person helps her to be a strong parent. She wants to pass on the values of kindness, protectiveness, compassion, discipline and hard work to her daughter. She wants her kid to be kind and passionate about things that she loves doing.

When asked about her message to parents towards successful parenting, she replies –

The only message that I would like to share is, be proud of your child. Celebrate their uniqueness and don’t compare them with their friends or even with siblings.


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