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SuperMom – Jasmin Kumar

SuperMom – Jasmin Kumar

When it comes to family life, everyone strives to figure out how the relationship between parents and children can become ideal.A garden with different flowers becomes beautiful when it blossoms. Similarly, if parents learn how to be a ‘gardener’ and are able to recognize their child’s personality and nourish it, then their ‘garden’ flourishes!

SuperParents takes pride in sharing inspiring stories about parents who have proved them in every aspect of their life and have inspired others. Hence we proudly introduce you to one such parent who have been incredibly inspiring, Ms Jasmin Kumar.

Ms Jasmin Kumar, a National award-winning entrepreneur, eminent educationist, author of international bestseller, writer, speaker and parenting coach has gained a prominent position in the society with her exemplary work into the field of education and society at large.

She is the Vice Chairperson of Country’s new age preschool, Rayz International Preschool, Noida. Under her leadership, the school has escalated to greater horizons of success and within six months of being into operations, the school was awarded and ranked as the Top 10 preschools in India.

Parenting according to her, is not an easy journey. Being a mompreneur, prioritizing your life and scheduling it well is the key to make the balance. There are times when you need to priorities between the two. For instance, what to do when you have an important meeting and child’s PTA to attend at the same time? Another important thing is that as a mother it’s important to first fill your own cup of happiness, because if you are not doing activities that fulfill you, what will you give to your child and other relationships? So make yourself a priority to be able to give your best to your child.

For her passion for children and vision to create a difference to society and by raising the bar of Indian preschool education system, she has been conferred with various awards and accolades for her work into the field of education and society at large.

Jasmin Kumar has been invited as speaker on various national and international platforms as a parenting expert. She has recently authored her first book which was internationally launched titled – Breakthrough, which is an international bestseller. She has published various articles on parenting and is a corporate parental coach.

She firmly believes that both the parents have a very important role to play in raising a child. She elaborated saying, “Shared responsibility is very important considering both my husband and I are working. We divide the work related to our child, so that he can have best of both of us and family time with both of ‘Us’ together on weekends.”

From her childhood her parents raised her to be grounded, humble, make efforts in life and never lose hope which she will always be indebted to them.She is doing a great job in raising her kid with the same valuable qualities and provide a healthy environment.The feeling of fulfillment to see the smile on my child’s face, makes the efforts in this journey worthwhile.

According to her, the greatest gift we can give to our children is ‘TIME‘, which is undivided, one to one, uninterrupted. Children need our attention most of the time as they live in the present moment. For them, to show us their new drawing and offering a proud gesture from parents side is the most valuable asset . As parents, our role is to be the guide on the side but not the sage on the stage. We should nurture our children by channelizing their energy into the right direction so that they are enabled and empowered enough to make choices for themselves.

While inspiring other parents, she gives a very overwhelming message ,

“Parenting is like walking a tight rope. Onto our children comes all our past baggage, our desires, our wishes for our own ideal self to be manifested, that we couldn’t but we make our children do that, so in this process of imposing the ego, the child loses its individuality. The child loves his parents and doesn’t even know that how he is losing himself. In this process, year after year the child becomes increasingly more disconnected from their authentic voice and then you have an adult who is lost, directionless, purposeless not able to access his inner self. Be a Conscious Parent by focusing on nurturing the internal and external environment where your child is allowed to come to their own empowering conclusions and make the best decisions for themselves.”

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