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Parenting Journey through an Author’s eyes – Anuradha Kapoor

Parenting Journey through an Author’s eyes – Anuradha Kapoor

Parenting is a beautiful journey and who can pen it better than a writer and author. Reading the parenting stories of one parent cherishes another parent and we at SuperParents are committed to that.

Today we are delighted to share the Parenting Story of an AUTHORPRENEUR Anuradha Kapoor .  She is an Author, Blogger, Content Curator, Editor and Literary Advisor which put short makes her an authorpreneur. She has written more than 100 blogs and 30 short stories till date and recently compiled 21 of her short stories into a book called ‘Stories from the heart’ available at amazon. A must read as the stories brim with life lessons and are sure to melt your heart and restore your faith in love.

Being a full time mother and writer does consumes all your energy . When asked how she managed it all, she replies –

I did feel burdened and exhausted due to managing double the work that I had always been used to but slowly I learnt how to balance my personal and professional life and seeing how my son has grown up now, I feel like patting my back as I do get an assurance of having done a good job.

Her son is all grown up now. She had been a protective mother and at the same time a very friendly and open minded mother too. She tries to instill the values like Hardwork, Perseverance, Honesty, Love for motherland and Respect towards the elderly in her son. When asked about what does she love the most about being a parent, she mentions –

The thing I love the most is to see my child grow up into an amazing man that he is and I love the fact that he is still making me learn some amazing new things every day that I would have never known without having a kid. I believe I’ve done a good job as now my son is an adult and is set to explore life on his own in a very confident manner. I know I’ve trained him well to face all kinds of situations once he steps out of home, away from his family.

A wonderful mother, a strong writer, member of Screenwriters association of India , member of Linkedin Local Kolkata , her Parenting journey does inspire a lot of women to follow their passion with a child in tow. When asked about her parenting mantra that she would like to share with other parents towards successful parenting, she says –

Try to communicate with your child as much as possible as doing so will not only bring you closer to your offspring but it will also help you to help them with whatever challenges they might be facing within. Parents need to be their child’s first friend.


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