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Skills to teach your children before they turn 10!

Skills to teach your children before they turn 10!

Our children are growing up faster than ever. With a world made of high-end tech, there’s more than ever for them to learn. And that too with a lot of distractions along with it. Not to forget, today’s parents are busier than any time in history. To make sure you teach them life skills and the time you spend teaching them turns out to be essentially worth it; here’s a list of skills that you may want to teach your child before they turn 10:

Making a Basic Meal

Your kid may not have to make their own meal until later in your life but inviting them to participate in making a basic meal. You can start with a sandwich and fruits then move to smoothies or something easy. Keep telling them about safety and the need to practice as your mini-chef finds his route.

This opens them up to being a chef later in life while also makes them independent enough to get something to eat in times you are too busy or stuck up somewhere.

Treating a Wound

Kids are hyperactive and it’s common for them to get injured in every now and then. Sometimes they would freak out on noticing blood and to be honest, you’ll be more freaking out them the kid. So, you need to calm yourself first and teach them how to make the bleeding stop while also distracting their mind from the injury.

You can’t be there at all times to make sure that their injuries are resolved. Teach them to step by step, to apply some pressure making the bleeding to stop, following by cleaning it with water and antibiotic then finally applying a bandage.

Planting a seed

This might be one of the simplest things for most kids and particularly fun too. This activity can be made into a whole day of fun from picking up their favorite plant seed to getting kid-friendly gardening equipment and finally getting to digging a hole, planting the seed and water it a little.

You can do the same with a seedling as well. Do make sure that you make them treat that plant as their very own friend. They would have to water it regularly, make sure it gets enough sunlight and ask for your help if they think something isn’t right. While this happens, you get to enjoy the beautiful spark in their eye when the plant finally starts to grow.


It’s true that in this GPS-driven world no one needs a real map in most cases. But it’s one of a really useful skill for your kid if you think about it. Most parents wouldn’t allow their kid to have a smart device until later so a sense of the directions can really come handy. Other than that, Zoos, museums, and most theme parks have maps instead of GPS service and these also happen to be the places where the kids love to wander alone. Teaching basic navigation skills would surely come handy at such places.

Plus, in the long run, it might give your kid some edge if he or she ever gets to participate in a treasure hunt. Do keep it in mind that when you are at a place which needs navigation by a map, please let the kid lead the way.


Long before they ever get a bank account, children have to face the dilemma of what to do with the money they have. It may not be a lot but in that kid’s world, it is huge. That’s why you have to step in. Researches have shown that kids who learn saving habits early on take wiser financial decision later in their lives.

The way to go about this is to tell them what to buy and what not to. Don’t hesitate while giving a lesson about why we might buy some stuff in one place and not the other so that they learn the basic price comparison. Do include how the lower price isn’t always the best deal. To get started, you just need to get them a piggy bank, on filling which, you can make a promise of treating them with some extra cash or something else.

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