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Raising a child – Certain lessons to pass on – 2 min read

Raising a child – Certain lessons to pass on – 2 min read

” Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” – Charles R. Swindoll

In life, as a parent, you’ll realize that there comes a moment when you want to share certain lessons with your children. Apart from teaching them the basics, you have to help them understand love, compassion and fortitude.

Never Give up
Life, for all its beauty, can be pretty challenging and on most days, we are our own best warriors. Never buckle. Never stop. Never give up.

Learn to say ‘NO’
This is one of the hardest things to do but it’s important to do. Learn to say No to things that aren’t good for you, are overwhelming and promise more than what you know are possible. These can be people, situations or jobs.

Do your own chores:
It’s easy. Start with the simple things: After food keep your plates in sink, fetch your own glass of water, organize your toys , make your own bed, put your clothes away, and dust a bit around the house. This builds a sense of responsibility.

Play an outdoor sport
It’s really important to for kids in growing years to take some time out and play an outdoor sport. It can be any form of outdoor sport that involves a team bonding.

Don’t be afraid to cry
Never worry about being too sensitive. We all need to cry from time to time, be it while reading a book, watching a movie, listening to stories that move us or expressing our grief.

Talk to me
I am always there to listen. Kids in growing years go through a lot of emotional ups and downs and its really important to listen and talk to them what they are doing or going through everyday.


When you make a mistake, apologize. It can be to a friend, a senior or a junior. Admit when you are wrong and clean up the mess. You will have a lighter heart. However, it comes on ego so  sometimes to say sorry, but given some time to cool down, they eventually realize and say it effortlessly.

Learn to cook
Kids are blessed to grow up in a home where they see both parents cook. (Yes, sometimes dad cooks way better than your mom!)Cooking is a skill that people relate not only to surviving but also its a fun and relaxing exercise. Cook with your kid and it would be a fun time as family.

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