The Difference Between Magic Truffles And Magic Mushrooms


There has been a long debate about the striking similarities between magic mushrooms and mushroom truffles. However, I found out some surprising differences as well. The first difference is how they are harvested. You need a cutter to handpick the magic mushrooms however, for the mushroom truffles you need to dig deep as their roots are down beneath the ground. The next difference is in appearance. They both look slightly different from each other. The mushroom truffles are less potent; however, the magic mushrooms can give a pretty intense experience. When you are about to consume the mushroom truffle you need to be pretty sane and stable. You need to be controlled. Whereas during the experience of having the magic mushroom things take place pretty stable. There is not much to worry about. Do you find the extract helpful to understand the difference between the two?

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