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Popular News Paper & Magazines for Kids In India

Popular News Paper & Magazines for Kids In India

Caught your kid trying to emulate you by peering closely at the newspaper or magazine and looking at the pictures? Then this is the right time to encourage your kids exposure to reading, and yes, a perfect way to take a digital break now and then.

SuperParents presents you a list of newspapers and magazines specifically created for children so they have content created for their age and interest level.

1. The Curious Owl 

This is a weekly current-affairs newspaper for kids .The Curious Owl looks to bring your kids to what’s happening in the world around them.
Age Group: 7 and above
Subscribe: The Curious Owl

2. Young World 

An already established brand, the Hindu has expanded into an educational portal with content, videos and lots more told or kids to learn online and offline. They have subscription packages that come with digital plus magazine combo subscription.
Age: 8 and above
SubscribeYoung World 

3. The Children’s Magazine 

This is a popular choice among children and their parents for their informative articles interspersed with activities contests and current affairs for kids.
Age: 4 and above
Subscribe: The Children’s Magazine

4. NatGeo Kids

A monthly magazine, from the National Geographic team, loaded with interesting facts and details on animals, nature and everything in the world with wonderful pictures that kids can relate to.
Ages: 6 and above
Subscribe: NatGeo Kids 

5. The Children’s Post

A daily newspaper for kids , this one is popular in the parenting community. Started with the notion of getting kids to read a newspaper daily, The Children’s Post breaks down National; and International news along with fun facts for kids in a simple language.
Subscribe: The Children’s Post

6. Kids Age

From information about what’s happened through the month in the world around them, fun activities like jokes and riddles to how students can get scholarships at various places, this 3D newspaper is a great platform for students, teachers and parents.
Age: 5-15 years
Subscribe: Kids Age



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