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Parenting programmes- an effective remedy for parenting!

Parenting programmes- an effective remedy for parenting!

Generally when we hear about parenting programmes, a lot of questions strucks our minds such as what is parenting programmes? Are they really effective for parenting? Does India has any parenting progamme launched by government and what not? This article gives answers to all such questions. So parenting programmes is a course that can be followed to correct and improve a person’s parenting skills. Such courses may be general, covering the most common issues parents may encounter, or specific, for infants, toddlers, childrens and teenagers. These courses may also be geared towards parents who are considering having a child, or adopting one, or are pregnant. Some common parenting programmes are-

  • Parent effectiveness training based on person-centred psychotherapy.
  • Systematic training for effective training (STEP) is based on individual psychology.

The findings show that parenting programmes are effective in improving the emotional and behavioral adjustment of children in addition to enhancing the psychosocial well-being of parents. Parenting practices are strongly associated with a number of important outcomes for children. These outcomes can affect children for the rest of their lives. “With these programs, one notices the marked decreases in drug use, reduced aggression, reduced depression and anxiety, and better mental health thus making a child more competent. In these parenting programmes parents are get to work on the same pages with people together to provides an environment that promotes well-being thus making long-term impacts. It’s ironic that how parents spend hours taking birthing classes to prepare for something that will happen naturally, yet there is no training on how to actually parent a child. All of us need a little help parenting. “It’s a tough job and we didn’t get the instruction manual when our kids were born.”

There are five major programmes that makes parent learn about how to deal with conflicts, changing family dynamics. They focuses on fostering opportunities, skills, rewards for positive social behaviors, bonding and clear expectations for behavior. The programs include changing known risk factors such as poor parental supervision and high family conflict, and show children what “normal” family behavior looks like. These are-


They sends registered nurses to visit young, first-time, single mothers at least once every two weeks during their first pregnancy and until their child is 2 years old. Nurses help expecting moms reduce smoking, drinking and drug use. After the child is born, nurses help mothers create safe environments for their children and develop strategies for dealing with difficult behaviors. They are basically for the infants that are alive in the mother’s womb giving us goal that a good parenting starts before the birth of a child only.


It is also known as triple P”. It is a flexible system of programs that focuses on five main goals: promoting safe and engaging environments, creating positive learning environments, using effective discipline, creating clear and reasonable expectations, and self-care for parents.


It teaches children ages 3-6, their parents and teachers skills and strategies for handling difficult situations. Parents participate in group sessions; children take part in therapist-led group sessions, which help children develop skills such as problem solving, making friends, and cooperating with others. It has been developed and owned by Carolyn webster-stratton. 


In this parents learn about risk factors for substance use, parent-child bonding, consequences for not following parental guidelines, and how to manage anger and family conflict. Their children learn effective communication, problem solving, and how to resist peer pressure.


It helps children 12-17 years old avoid risky sexual activity, drug use, and violent behavior. The program helps parents set strong norms with their teen against antisocial behavior by increasing parental monitoring, reducing harsh parenting, and rewarding teens to promote family bonding.

It’s important to invest in children now, before negative outcomes cost society more in the form of law enforcement, prisons, and physical and mental treatment programs. Try to be a part of these programmes, try to learn something from these programmes so that you don’t have waste time in resolving the conflicts among your childrens and other issues, you could just proudly watch your childrens walking down over the stairs of success.


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