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Parenting Mishaps!

Parenting Mishaps!

Being a parent is the most hardest jobs in the world but it is also the most rewarding one! As human beings we always fails to do even a simple sort of work with utmost finishing, thus one can concludes that parenting which is such a hard task how can one do it without any mishaps or mistakes? This article is all about the mishaps that parents commit during parenting. How those mishaps are funny and how those mishaps are dangerous, telling us how parenting is supposed to be and gives us a message that no one is perfect at raising a child. From mishaps like falling off swings and eating crayons to the successes of breastfeeding and saving your baby, this list has it all and more. As a parent, you do not always get it right but when you do it is the best feeling in the world, so don’t beat yourself up about your mistakes just revel in your triumphs.


The park can be a dangerous place but you never think you would be the cause of that danger. Not intentionally of course, sometimes you just don’t know how far you have pushed the swing until you have and then one thing leads to another. I think it is safe to say that this mishap has probably happened more than once to different parents, so just make sure your baby is okay and don’t beat yourself up too much about it. Like I said, a park can be a dangerous place.


Nowadays many parents choose to give their child a pacifier, for many reasons, this no longer seems to be a topic of discussion. What is, however, is when to take the dummy away and how long is too long to have this comfort. Affecting teeth and speech the older a child grows, taking the soother away at the right age is crucial but in no way easy.


Having basic medical knowledge such as being trained in simple first aid can really benefit a parent and in some cases helping to save a child’s life. A baby can not do much for itself and if for some unfortunate reason they stop breathing or start to choke they need their parent to come to the rescue. So, having knowledge about what one should do in that situation is required, and also how one needs to be calm in such situations is also important to understand.


Dropping a swear word in conversation here or there is fine when they are tiny but then that tiny baby grows and starts to copy what you say! A mishap that happens more commonly than you may think. What can you do? Sometimes they just slip out.


Teaching your children how to properly utilize the emergency services in an emergency can literally save lives. It will be something they will carry with them for their whole life and will arm them with the skill to keep themselves safe and find help when you are not with them.


Being near any type of water whether it be a pool, bath, or ocean, is a hazard. Most of the time as parents we can keep our children safe near water but sometimes accidents happen and in a blink of an eye a situation can turn dangerous. Something that has happened to more than one parent I am sure and we just need to be able to act quickly and effectively.


All children have the potential to do something great, that is what is so amazing about children, they are a blank slate ready to absorb knowledge. Some children are considered ‘gifted’ if they show high intellect or talent from a young age and for the parents of these children this can be a very proud moment. Teach your child the things that he/she is interested in be it study or any other curricular stream.


How much television a child should watch is again another hot topic in the parenting community. Some give their child no television, some limit it and other have no restrictions at all. Whatever you choose there is no denying that screen time does affect our children. Try to show them something meanningful from TV else they will try to copy or learn something from TV which they shouldn’t.


Breastfeeding vs Bottle feeding, the debate of what is better and who is right is still going on today but really as Mother’s we should really be working towards supporting each other and celebrating one another’s successes. Managing to breastfeed for a whole year like this mother is an achievement, and everyone should congratulate her.


All children seem to go through the phase of putting things in their mouth and therefore it is no surprise that what we adults view as un-edible objects, seem to get digested pretty easily by a toddler. A common mishap in the world of raising children.
The white clothes, the pastel colors, the expensive garments they all seem to be ruined as soon as they take place upon your little one. Often it is due to food spillages or baby waste but sometimes its due to messy play whether that be at home or at a group. Worth it to see your baby have fun, even if you do have to replace that outfit.

Fighting with siblings, pushing other kids, or acting out with personal boundaries to other children is something that small kids often do because they are still learning. As a parent, you can’t always stop them from going through this phase but you can continue to teach and discipline them when necessary.


Compassion can be hard to teach but when you get it right, it is an oh so sweet moment to be very proud of. Kindness and empathy are two things many parents really hope they can pass to their children, teaching them to be compassionate to others and one Mother I spoke to felt this was her biggest success.


It is important in life to stand up for what is right and to have good values. This, for many parents, is one of the key things they want to teach their children. Whether it be looking after our planet, treating everyone equally or helping others, these are all aspects of building a kind human being.

The mishaps that parents commit during their parenting are worth remembering. The mishaps that we have discussed may be happend to one or more parent’s in their life during parenting. What one parent needs to do is not to worry about these mishaps, they needs to be patient and calm and try to resolve the mishaps.

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