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New Education Policy decoded for Elementary Education

New Education Policy decoded for Elementary Education

Formal Education is one of the crucial phase of a child’s growth and therefore, education remains one of the key focus areas of Parenting.

With the introduction of New Education Policy, Indian education system is taking a very significant shift. Even after all the efforts done by government, still many parents have there own set of questions, doubts and lack of awareness.

In the wake of such a scenario, National Council of Elementary Education – WICCI conducted an online session on New Education Policy decoded for Elementary Education on 22nd August in association with SuperParents & Empowered Parents Forum.The session saw expert educators discussing on the key factors of NEP 2020.

Ms.Nirali Dagli, Principal of Calorx Public School, Ghatlodia  shared her thoughts on the new academic structure of 5+3+3+4  and how it has to be successfully implemented.

Ms Sinjini Sengupta, an author,columnist and a Keynote speaker shared her views on how important it is to impart training to teachers who are the torch bearers of NEP2020.

Ms Rajasi Gajjar, Founder of MySpanishAcademy took up the much debated topic of flexibility in Primary Education through multilingual mode of teaching. She also shared her views on aligning school syllabus with core fundamentals and experimental learning, which will help students to learn and think with there vision on different perspectives.

Ms.Sudeshna Bojia, Project adminstrator at Visamo kids foundation, with her vast experience in project implementation at school level spoke about special education zones and equitable quality education to girls and transgender students as part of the NEP 2020.

Such positive efforts by organizations such as WICCI, SuperParents and EmpoweredParentsForum will bring in a lot of awareness about the New Education Policy 2020 among Parents.

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