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Mommy’s and Daddy’s just relax, Don’t Forcefeed Your Child

Mommy’s and Daddy’s just relax, Don’t Forcefeed Your Child

While it’s important to provide a balanced diet to your child, it’s equally important to know if your child has the appetite for it and liking whats on the plate.

Knowingly or unknowingly as a parent we constantly hover over our child’s diet and measure a child’s growth by a  child’s weight only, and the easiest way to achieve that is stuffing the kid with as much as he/she can take or sometimes even more.

This only leads to harmful effects –

  1. Child obesity : Child under the age of 5, usually don’t go hungry by choice. They have a way of communicating when they are hungry and whether they are liking the meal. A kid will eat only  as much as it requires to fill his/her stomach at that point of time. Have u ever seen a breastfeeding baby under drinking or over drinking ever? That explains that kids are way smarter and wiser than us. Over feeding only leads to various health diseases at later point of time, child obesity being the most common one.
  2.   Lack of control on eating habits : Learning to eat is a normal part of their growth process and too much parental control over that, will lead to child losing control of their eating habits. Also, it leads to various eating disorder such as bulimia, anorexia, etc. 

And lastly, always put yourself in your child’s shoes. Imaging how you would have felt if someone force feed you and your body doesn’t take it. So all the Mommy’s and Daddy’s out there, relax and have patience. Let parenting be a beautiful journey for both you and your child.

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