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Magic Crate: Fun Activity And Better Learning For Your Child

Magic Crate: Fun Activity And Better Learning For Your Child

Do you know 80% of critical brain development takes place at the age of 5 years?

Unknown to this fact many parents allow their children to watch television, cartoons, play games, use smartphones which builds them to get addicted to phones, tablets and many other gadgets. As a result, these activities kill children creativity and the ability to learn new things. If parents don’t shift their child attention towards fun and learning activity then it is obvious for a child to switch on television which is not ideal for a child’s mental development.

Solution and Benefits:

Magic Crate, introduced in the year 2015 is excitement with full of learning activity developed by two childhood friends after they experienced that it was difficult for them to engage their child in learning made enjoyment activities. This lead to the development of Magic Crate for a child aged between 2 to 14 years and they have been comforting parents through the venture called direct to home early child learning brand “Magic Crate”.

Considering that a child attention span is changing very quickly, Magic Crate has come up with an idea that definitely engages a child to develop a new skill, learn things and shape ideas. The Packages include

  • 3 Month
  • 6 Month and
  • 12 Month Subscription

The foremost procedure to avail the above-mentioned subscription packages is to first sign up then a brand new Magic Crate is delivered for every one month. The box holds 2 to 3 activities varying from science, arts, colouring and others including a storybook at an affordable and convenient price. The output of every activity is either a toy or an artifact and in order to make it the child discovers brand new things. Since the children receive different theme every month they find utmost pleasure in interacting with it again and again.

Making Parents efforts easier

All you have to do is visit Magic Crate for everything you wish to make your kid be from occupied, growing with each step and fun like Joey Tribbiani(from F.R.I.E.N.D.S), smart like Albert Einstein. This allows you to have that extra alleviation for yourself and others.

Follow this step that is as simple as to drinking water:

Step 1: Pick your agreeable plan.

Your Second Next Step: Unbox cheerfulness.

Final Step: A Month of enthusiasm and eagerness for your kid to develop skills and magnify them each month.

Boom you just saved those ” Mom hand me the remote”, “Where did you put the phone?”, “Let’s play candy crush” among others.

Development of Your kid is in your hands:

Permitting a child to use a smartphone when cries, giving a thumbs up to watch Chota Bheem or Tom and Jerry is critical for child development. In substitute of it, it is recommended to draw child attention towards different learning and growth development activities as best suited to them.


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