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Kids and Digital World

Kids and Digital World

Technology is evolving with a lightning speed and so as health problems and social life. Well this blog is more about keeping children away from mobile phones but the same applies to adults as well because we all know children follow their adults.

Most of the parents complain about children using mobile very often though they are aware from existing research that using mobiles can cause serious issues like Tumors, Disturbed Brain Activity, Degrade in Academic Performance, Academic Malpractice or Inappropriate Media usage. But still why it happens that we end up giving mobile to our kids with a knowledge that we are giving a time bomb which is slowly deteriorating our kids’ life. Well the answer is simple – we substitute ourselves with mobile. Slowly we have become so lazy and ignorant that when our kids need our presence or attention we substitute that with a gadget which acts like a slave and does what it is ordered, gets quickly charged.

If things were so simple this would not have been an issue. But we can always follow small steps which can surely help in resolving big problems.

  • Switch off WIFI and mobile internet once you are at home. Most of the time is spend on apps which uses internet. So, if you switch off internet, the mobile usage will go down drastically. And if there any thing important, you will get a call so no need to worry.
  • Dedicate a place to keep your mobile at home which is away from the reach of kids. The probability of kid playing with mobile reduces.
  • Avoid using mobile for video calls at home, use laptop instead. Children tend to grab phone as it is easy to hold.

Please do share your thoughts and comments so that other can be benefited from it.

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