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KIDS the Apple of parents’ eye are VERY DIFFERENT FROM others AND THEIR FRIENDS, siblings, and also the neighbour’s child. what makes them different is the ability to perceive things distinctly and most important innovation skills.

Some child perhaps boys find contentment in cooking whereas others find interesting to go around and complete their homework. These curiosities regardless of anything should not hinder their interest. As the saying goes, “Every child is special in their way”.

Childhood is a phase when their mental development begins strongly. It is in the hands of their parents to handle them with kit-gloves and ensuring that there exists no inferior complexity, jealousy amongst them.

One such way to avoid negativity is to be patient with yourself and with the child. It requires your little extra preparation and attention towards the child to take them to the path of success. The result of your extreme dedication can power self-esteem and boost the confidence of the child.

How can a child make a difference in society?

Children in a numerous way make an impactful difference in society. First, it starts at home. For every child, it is their parents the role models where they learn the most from. If the parents quarrel then the child, in the long run, will certainly behave similarly. If the parents decide to give respect, does not consider watching television during the quality time, don’t mind being a child for the sake of the child and far more influential characteristics will allow the child following your footsteps. For this reason, parents play a never forgetting role in the beautiful lives of children.

Now when the child is happy from inside and mindful then he leaves no stone unturned to change the society for the good.

One great innovation of a child that will blow your mind.

  • Ever did we focus on what it takes for a child to carry a heavy and massive bag to the school?
  • Did we notice the pain a child suffers from on his/her way to school holding the hefty bag with books loaded into it?

It requires a child to be physically fit to bring a bag. Furthermore, the government of India made it mandatory for a child to bear books considering the only 1/10th of his body weight.

Even then it has become important to carry books irrespective of the timetable(because of changing in timetable or a teacher being absent: Exception cases) and perhaps children or parent unaware of the rule send a child with every book.

Does the child have to carry the books? NO, there’s a proper solution to this menace. What is it? Read on to know yourself.

A class 7 student name Aryan Tanwar invented smart school bag to tackle the problems dealt by every child. Understanding how a child suffers from daily carrying the heavy-loaded bag, he discovered a way that tells you whether you need to carry a particular book on a particular day. Using Radio frequency identification (RFID), ARYAN came across a way that detects if a child requires a specific book.


An RFID tag is attached to every book and LED bulbs of Red and Green colour are connected to the “smart school bag” and it is programmed to sync with the timetable of the school. The moment a book is kept in the bag, the tag reads it and returns RED or Green colour depending on the timetable. It returns

  • Red, if the book is not required as per the timetable.
  • Green, if it’s present in the timetable.

This innovation by Aryan saves so much of the productive time of a child. Additionally, it will lower the number of books they bring to school on their delicate shoulders.

The kid did not put an end to smart bag innovation he further proceeded with an idea to add weather sensor to the bag, isn’t that amazing a child discovering a way to solve challenges faced by every student??

A Smart Bag or we can call a great innovation was honoured with appraisals and accolades and was featured in the Delhi Mini Maker’s Faire in 2k16. This indeed is a great help by Aryan for every child. AMAZING!



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