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Indian Mythology and What can Your Children take-away from it?

Indian Mythology and What can Your Children take-away from it?

Irrespective of in which of India you are, it’s almost impossible to keep your child away from the impacts of Indian mythologies and as many popular researchers suggest, it might actually be a good thing. If taught wisely, Indian Myths can give out a lot of great lessons, some even beyond the basic morals. And thanks to their popularity, almost every Indian mythological tale is available in the form of short stories and even picture books for kids.

So, what are you waiting for grab one now and start teaching your kids the following lessons:

Curiosity about Spirituality

In India, a new and common fear is developing around the Parents about how their children would react to spirituality and religion in today’s rational world. That’s why giving them an early glimpse into how fun any religion and the spiritual world can be, we’re preparing them to make the most of the opportunity. Though, be ready for a lot of questions that will be fired upon you about how things happen the way they do. And telling them it’s how the story is isn’t the best solution. Ignorance is the cause of this fear around spirituality around parents as well as their children.

You can take some guidance from adult mythological books or your elders to make your children fully understand why their parents respect such culture and its values.


Now, when it comes to Indian Mythology, most people just limit their thinking to the Hindu mythology. However, most parents can use the opportunity to teach kids about other culture and religions as well by carefully choosing some interesting books from them. This firstly develops the Indian core-value of secularism in the children and secondly, help you expand yours as well as their vision about the other cultures and religions.

You can guide them around how the other religions function and how some traditions and sentiments that might not hold true in the general sense, can have emotional values to a grand segment of the society. This helps you develop a responsible and understanding citizen.

Rights & Wrongs

Myths let the children know that even if someone is as powerful as a god, he/she still doesn’t get permission to do wrong to the world. Mythology can help your kid see the connections in the real world and how it functions. With debates and discussions, you can help them get how some actions are just not right and how one person’s right can cause harm to other people. There would be no myth in the Indian society which can’t guide your children to the path of being their best selves, you just have to present it in the best way. These books let the children adapt the Indian values way more easily than any other source.

Choosing the right-books

This isn’t a new fact that children love to keep learning. That’s why when beginning you can choose a picture book or a super-easy book for children to dwell upon. But as they grow older and curious, to maintain their interest in mythology, you will have to let your children dig deeper into a little complex book. There are multiple authors nowadays who are simplifying the myths without reducing the key elements. Keep an eye out for such books and let your kids have them whenever you feel like they should be discovering more.

This keeps them going and also fulfills their mind’ desire to learn more and get their questions answered. Now, this applies to even the times when your kid wants to explore beyond the religion you believe in. As a parent, you have to raise an open-minded individual with the same mindset.

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