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Importance of Bedtime Stories

Importance of Bedtime Stories

The stories that we listen to are a great part of who we are. Whether they are the ones we listen to when we are very young or the ones we find while we are growing up. Whatever the occasion or age may be, every story plays an important role. And when we are talking about stories, bedtime stories are a very big part of lives.

Every child love listening to stories of magic kingdom, dreamland and what not just before they drift off to sleep and dive into their own wonderful dreams. We might not understand at first, but these stories can impact our children at a great extent and that’s what we are discussing today.

Expansion of Vocabulary

Most kids learn a great number of words before they even start going to school and connecting their vocabulary to some creative stories will surely help them retain every new world way better than usual. While teaching new words you can even slide in the lesson of how the children can and can’t use some words.

Also, none of them are going to learn when and how to use the words properly until you teach them. We are never born with an in-built skill of grammar so the children must be taught how to properly use every word or sentence they are learning in the stories.

Logical Development

No story is perfect and as the kids develop their cognitive skills they also start noticing loopholes in them. As parents, it then becomes our duty to debate and discuss stories, characters as well as their elements. Doing so let the kids open up to a whole new world where they finally get a chance to behave like grown-ups and get their questions answered.

Please, avoid lying to skip the questions that might seem difficult to answer at first. The young minds might not be able to grasp the twists of the world smoothly so you will have to explain them in the simplest terms and maybe even with more stories as well.

Clam & Easy Sleep

The basic and most useful function of bedtime stories is to make sure our young minds get a goodnight’s sleep. Stories enable kids to fall in sleep much more easily and even embark their imagination just before they drift to their sleep. And as more and more researches prove nowadays, stories develop children’ creativity and even reduce stress and help the kids sleep without any fear and with prime confidence.

For times when children can’t fall asleep a long story might be just the perfect companion that they need to get their heads sorted and free from stress.


Children always find it enjoyable to connect with fictional characters and with time they become cozy and comfortable with their company. This help kids develop a sense of emotions, fun and warm feelings.

Choosing stories that include thrill and adventure also help children develop a sense of confidence which can even help them deal with real-life issues including bullying or playground injuries. For kids that have a tough time dealing with fear and similar issues, cuddling up and making a comfortable space with stuffed animals and even favorite blankies, some stories can enable your kids to feel nurtured and safe with enriching stories.

Most importantly, whatever story you choose, whatever benefit you might imagine providing them, the bedtime stories are supposed to be the time that you are spending and enjoying with your children. Quality time is something that children desire a lot nowadays which is why you need to take it pretty seriously and do whatever is important to make the most of it.

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