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Ideas for Moms who want to Balance Work & Life

Ideas for Moms who want to Balance Work & Life

Being a Mom and work-life balance is a struggle that stays around most women. Finding that perfect edge where both elements of their life get the treatment and time they deserve isn’t a piece of cake.

Not to worry, since all moms are super, they can get everything on track just by taking off some little things and adjust a few of their life elements. Here’s how:

You are Important

You can go around scheduling time for your clients, meetings and your children but before you can handle any of that you need to get yourself some ‘me-time’. Doing so will let you relax and relieve your head from any unwanted stress that might have been caused during the day. Even if it’s only 30 minutes or less, it is one of the most important things that you have to do to enable yourself to develop a head that is going to get stuff done.

To make the most of this time, you can meditate, have your favourite snack or just have a little guilt-free binge eating/watching time. Don’t forget to block out any and all distractions. Telling your family or colleagues about it will help you go through it without causing any troubles or setbacks.

Listing Everything

Now that you have a sane mind, you can start getting around doing everything you are supposed to get done. The first step to achieve that would be to list everything down. No, you don’t have to write it as a timetable but you need to create a to-do list which is arranged as per priority. So that the tasks at the bottom are the ones that, if left undone, won’t cause any major trouble.

Cutting off the tasks that are stressing you most first will enable you to go smoothly with everything else. If possible, make the list for your home & work tasks on the same page/app but in different columns. This gives you an edge over handling multiple lists and worrying that you might not have enough time left when you go home.

Another way to level up this hack would be to timebox everything. This means that you give everything a flexible (not strict) timing. This means that you give a starting time to every single task that you want to do. It stops you from rushing from one task to another since you already have a time period for everything.

Ask for help

You can choose not to believe it at all times, but everyone around you cares. If you ask for help, you can end up dividing the chores, at least at home, around the family members. Your partner can do the dishes, your kids can at least arrange their rooms and clothes. This technique depends upon your creativity and the kind of understanding that you hold with your loved ones.

Be honest and tell them when something gets too much to handle and since they care for you, they’ll step up and give a hand to let you balance your life better.

Cut down a bit

No one wants to spend their whole day at the office only to greet your children with a tired face. That’s why you need to let yourself see that the next big project, or the upcoming meeting, if possible as per your working and financial conditions, can wait. It’s always okay to take a day off for your mental health and for spending time with your spouse and kids.

Most companies give you paid vacation for a few days each year, you don’t want to waste them for making a little overtime money. Your loved ones and you deserve some relaxing memorable time together. It can be as small as a movie or dinner together, or it can go as large as a weekend trip or even larger if you choose so.

Whatever the case, in the end, maybe, with every mother’s multitasking skills and some smart planning, you can easily find the balance between your work and personal life.


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