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How to Keep Kids Busy while traveling long distance?

How to Keep Kids Busy while traveling long distance?

Kids and Long distances might not be the best combination if we count on the parents’ perspective. They hardly ever go hand in hand. Long journeys for most parents mean handling their kids would become harder than usual and it all comes with the stress of the journey itself.

Worry not though, with some pre-planned actions and careful handling of the situation, you can very well deal with the situation and keep your kids occupied while travelling long distance with them. The best part; this doesn’t mean doing extra work before the trip.


There’s nothing like Food that keeps little and even older kids busy. It lets them sleep easily, keep them fed and also stops them from getting irritating every now and then. For the food, you don’t have to prepare heavy meals, just supplies of snacks. Chips, bananas, or any other light fruits.

To support them, water has to be a ready-to-go beverage. Unlike soft drinks, kids only drink water as much as they actually need to. This keeps them hydrated, satisfied and won’t even harm them in any way.

Family Games

From spotting cars and animals, there can be a lot of tiny fun that can be played during the journey. You can even start guessing the next song on the radio to pass the time and most kids love anything that involves them. Even small silly games are way better than silent boring drives around the empty roads.

If nothing works out, you can go on to letting them choose a game that they want the whole family to play. Kids nowadays are smarter than ever so they surely would come up with something good. Bonus, this activity keeps you entertained as well with no need to be worried about the kids.


If you know enough about the major landmarks on your route, or just about the destination, you can turn the ride into a great knowledge story-time. If you are not sure about your knowledge, you can always Google before leaving.

Also, the stories don’t even have to be knowledgeful and about the route or the destination, you can open up this time for stories around your lives as well. Children need to know how their parents’ lives have been interesting and fun with them and even beyond them. At a younger age, children enjoy nothing more than getting to spend time with and know their parents. You can relive your school or college years, talk about your work life or just make your kids share how their stories and whatever is going on in their world.

A little Screen Time

Yes, most parents want the kids to enjoy the beauty outside the car’s window. But in today’s world full of distractions, as parents, it isn’t fair on our part to expect them to give up their tech out of nowhere. So, limited and monitored time with the tech can keep them distracted and relaxed during the trip.

But do keep them informed how the time they spend on their device is limited and is going to be only for a short amount of time during the whole trip.

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