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How to improve your child’s Immunity?

How to improve your child’s Immunity?

Keeping their child fit and free from any disease is the ultimate goal of every single parent and they would go to extreme lengths to make it happen. However, when it comes it to, the solution isn’t to keep your children always in a bubble away from the outside world; instead of protecting you can actually work on making your children immune to most of such issues.

Plus, it would be half as hasty as roaming around them to get rid of every last germ, inside and outside the house.

Check their Meal

The first step of developing Immunity is to make sure your kid is eating healthy food. This includes all the vegetables and fruits that help in strengthening the immune system of their body. Diets rich in proteins and nutrients that children eat in childhood help them develop a long-term immunity which lasts even beyond their adulthood.

The gift of a proper immune system lasts for a lifetime and what you are serving your kid to eat is the key player in the game. So, make sure your kids eat enough and eat healthily. While some kids can be allergic to a few food items or require more food than a normal kid, you can take help of a nutritionist to prepare the perfect meal plan for your young one.

Sleep is Important

As we enter our active adulthood, we understand that sleep is luxury. And it really is nothing less than that’s why you need to provide your children with the most they can have of it while they are getting the time to enjoy it. A proper 10 hours of sleep helps the kid’s body to fully rest and work on developing a system which is secure and strong enough to deal with most of the outside world’s trouble.

The toddlers require 12-13 hours of sleep and more than often, it doesn’t happen all at once. You need to be a little patient and understanding of their sleep pattern and try to maintain it to let them make the most of it. If naps aren’t your kid’s first choice, you need to put their bedtime a little earlier than usual to make sure no hour of sleep is wasted.


Physical activities, from an hour of sports to a regular family workout routine, can drastically impact any child’s immune system. The way it works is by making the body use-up and generate cells more constantly than idle sitting. It also improves digestion making your kid taking in more calories and protein-rich food which helps in their growth.

If you are doing it as a family activity, it will end up giving you a special time to bond with your kids and teaching them life lessons around teamwork and more; all while making their immune system stronger. As a parent, it becomes your duty to make your children go outside to play while taking a break from their screen-time and idle routine.

Smoke-Free Environment

Pollutants are the most powerful and common killers of immune systems and children are more prone to get affected by them than the adults. You as a parent, need to protect your children from the pollution as much as possible. The various steps that are involved can be making sure they study, play and live in a smoke-free environment. If you yourself are a smoker, there’s not a better reason to quit than your child’s immunity.

If you can’t quit, the least you can do it to keep it outside your house. Children may or may not be influenced by your habit but their health will surely suffer.

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