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How much your kid needs to eat? How to make it possible?

How much your kid needs to eat? How to make it possible?

Kids’ eating habits worry the parents a lot. From what they are eating to if they are eating too much, too less or just enough; kids can cause a lot of trouble around eating. While you can take care of choosing the healthy options, here’s how much they need to eat to develop a healthy and growth-focused lifestyle.

Do keep in mind that age in a big factor in it, and children’s eating habits and hunger’s volume would change as the time passes. Even though child obesity and under-nourished children, both are common tendencies in today’s world, with just simple caring, you might help your kid maintain the perfect health. Here’s how.

The Youngest Ones – 1-3 Years Old

From saying no to everything to trying to eat anything, this is the time of mood swings and quick transitions around food. That’s why you have to maintain the calorie needs of these kids from around 1200-1400 calories each day.

Yes, some kids might require more or less, and unlike the older ones, they won’t be able to express clearly. So, you have to look closely. Toddlers tend to push the plates/food away or towards them depending upon their hunger. However, if you won’t focus on their actions you will be pushing them to develop habits that can cause them to eat out of habit instead of hunger. It can stay consistent even later in life.

Also, do avoid bribing them with food. If you are getting your kids to eat the healthy food while promising them extra sweets you are only training them to eat the extra sweets. They need to see how they have to eat enough of everything. These bribing sessions can disrupt the eating patterns in many children.

The Active Ones – 4-6 Years Old

This is the time when kids get curious and active, which means they will require more calories than before. You have to ensure that they are getting 1500-1750 calories each day for a healthy lifestyle.

Do keep an eye out for kids eating out of boredom. This is a common habit in this age as kids eat their favorite snacks out simply out of emotions and boredom. Ask them if they are really hungry before serving them food. Such regular questions will help them questions and understand their eating habits.

Also, these kids might be more understanding than your toddlers but they still aren’t adults which if why you still have to increase their food portion just by the right size. Many parents make the mistake of expecting them to eat in adult sizes and slowly kids get used to that which
in no case is good.

The Players – 7-10 Years Old

These kids would require 1700-1950 calories each time to make their way through school and after-school activities. Since this is the time when most children develop their hobbies and interests beyond curriculum, you, in no case, want them to be under-fed. This time, you won’t be the only one making food choices for them.

You’ll have to teach them to eat healthy and enough even at times when you are not around. At canteens and shops, these kids need to learn how to choose between attractive and right. This is a lesson that can be easily ignored in your parenting time but can lead to major adult-life complications for your children.

When you are choosing the meals, prepare separate dishes for separate activities. For their sports and other physically demanding activities, you will have to choose snacks with protein and carbohydrates. While at other times, you can let your kids have their favorites to feed their hunger. But that too has to be in checked terms to avoid obesity and similar issues.

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