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How is your child turning out to be? | Analyzing Child Personality

How is your child turning out to be? | Analyzing Child Personality

Trying to understand how our young ones do certain things and react in a certain way can be a very difficult task. However, lucky for you, today we’ll be discussing certain scales and ideas which you can make use of while analyzing your child’s personality.

Frustration is the first key

Whether it’s scary that you are telling them or a game they are playing with you, how soon they want it to end, or how long can they wait in a queue for something matters a lot. Frustration is a key definer of one’s personality even in their adulthood and somehow, we are born with it.

This works in a very simple way, the children who keep trying over and over even with failed attempts need to be taught how to accept no as an answer for some stuff. That doesn’t mean you have to be fully firm, sometimes using play-way methods can really help them understand how they are supposed to do certain stuff.

While the children giving up too early need to be shown how their persistent attempts can land rewards in their games as well as the real world.

Openness to New Things

In this part, we can notice a flow among the children from the ones who are eager to explore the world and reach out for anything that feels new and interesting to them; whereas on the other end of this line are the children who develop a protective shell whenever they notice a change in their environment.

Now, both types of children are right on their part however, as a parent you will have to help them understand the merits and demerits of both. Exploration of new things is a real way to expand your mind and knowledge but some things are supposed to be off-limit in the list. So that whenever they try something new they don’t get harmed by their sense of adventure.

Also, not to forget, when they are resistant to change, we’ve to use patience and slowly let them sync it in instead of pushing them with play or by force to accept the changes around them.


Not all children are the ones who love to go out and get themselves dirty while they laugh off every bit of crawling, jumping and running. Some prefer to stick with their friends, family or just their tablets; beyond their ages instead of stepping out of the house.

From I love doing anything and everything to I would rather not move; the scale is pretty wide and with kids, it keeps changing as they grow. For the less active children, you can show them the fun they are missing out on, it can be either by a new and interesting game/toy or just by joining them in something they already enjoy but just didn’t do without company or a push.

While the kids who are hardly stopping, we have to limit their activity just by a bit for their own good. We can’t expect them to be fully still but we can get their mind on other stuff from playing simple and safe games to just fun senseless talks.


Dealing with Strangers

This is something that you might notice every single day, does your child welcomes anyone new with a smile or open arms or with tears and a sulky face. Kids who aren’t comfortable with a stranger, irrespective of how much that person is close to their parents need a little help getting to feel comfortable enough to engage and interact. Here, we don’t want the strange to scare them off nor the parents to push their children to open up with them.

Both can leave very lasting damage in the minds of the children towards that person and sometimes, even beyond. However, it’s opposite with the children who are eager to engage with anyone and everyone. They are the ones we need to work around more carefully, they need to understand the concept of “taking it slow”. Yes, they won’t ever find difficulty in finding friends, but choosing the right one is a lesson you should timely implant in them.


Getting to fully understand and work around a child’s personality can be a tough call but with some dedication and carefully taken steps, it can bear some real fruits in their and your own future.

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