Find out everything you need to get started by taking the tour. If you still have questions, come back and check out the pinned articles, if you still need help contact us: sprparents@gmail.com

How do I sign up?

From the homepage, click on Login - follow the instructions and you’re done! In fact, it's just a single step registration.

Why do I need to sign up, and is it free?

You need to sign-up in order to use our service in the best possible way. It is completely free, quick and easy to join Super Parents community.

What are the rules about profile photos?

The accepted formats are jpeg and png files measuring no more than 2 (MB). We accept photos if they "show you only" or "are recognizable" or "show your face"

What if I don't have a photo?

It is not mandatory to have a photo on your profile, but we’re pretty sure you should be able to find one somewhere! If you don't have a photo right now, you can always add one at a later date. However, we actively encourage all members to add a photo.

How can I remove my profile photo?

We encourage our customers to put a photo, but for a reason if you wish to remove your profile pic – please drop an email to us we will do this for you.

How can I close a question?

You would be able to close questions which are posted from only your profile. To close a question please go to My Profile -> Questions -> Click on question to close -> Click on Lock icon. Please note once a question is closed it cannot be opened. But you can always post a new question.

How do I let you know about a technical issue?

Still got the same issue? Feel free to add as many details as possible. Screenshots and error messages always help.

How do I make a suggestion?

Just come up with a bright idea on how Super Parents can be even better. We want to hear it. You can tell us all about it here! There’s no such thing as a bad idea. So fire away! We take every idea and piece of feedback from our members on board. Who knows? Yours could be our next brand spanking new feature!

What is Super Parents phone number?

We don’t have a phone number where you can reach us. It would be a bit of a headache (and not from the ringing phone!) to answer our millions of members in different languages. You can Contact us on Facebook / Twitter/ LinkedIn / Instagram; write to us through our contact form. Got a question, comment, problem that you want to share? Need to report an incident, accident or disagreement with another member? Just write to us and if necessary, or if it’s urgent, we’ll call you on the number saved on your profile.

What do you do with my phone number?

We need your phone number in order to help you - we promise not to use it for anything else! We intend not to display your mobile number to non-members.

How do I post a Blog?

On the menu, mouse hover to “Blogs” and then select “Post Blog” option. Provide required details in the form along with the blog content and submit it. We will review the blog, and once approved it will be displayed on the portal.

How do I ask a question?

On the menu, mouse hover to “Forum” and then select “Ask Question” option. Provide required details in the form and submit it.

How do I close my account?

We would appreciate if you could to tell us why. But to resolve a technical issue, please contact us. If you would like to close your account, please drop us an email.