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EcoParents !!! Your guide to eco-friendly parenting – 2 min read

EcoParents !!! Your guide to eco-friendly parenting – 2 min read

“Teaching children how to be eco-friendly at preschool age is just so obvious and so fantastic. It creates habits that they get into for a lifetime and then they put pressure on their parents.”  — Tana Ramsay

Following principles as an eco-parent can be extremely challenging and difficult, but its very much possible. Our granny’s had being doing it for ages. It simply takes some planning and execution before your bundle of joy arrives. New mums/dads get few hours of sleep, and whatever sleep they do get comes in increments. Sleep deprivation coupled with the stress of caring for an infant can make it very tempting to prioritize convenience over eco-responsibility. But if you’ve got strong eco-principles, you’ve to get yourself surrounded by the tools that empower your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Washable/reusable/plant-based nappies

When it comes to nappies, a reusable and washable ones are the best option.
After all, disposable nappies make up to 10% of all curbside rubbish that finds its way to landfills. However, when you’re staring at piles of dirty nappies in the laundry, moms go weak on eco-parenting. Therefore, for tough times plant-based and plastic-free disposable nappies made from sustainable and breathable materials is a good alternative.

Cotton reusable wipes

Cotton washable wipes are the prime choice in India. However, disposable wipes are trending nowadays and adds to convenience as well. Disposable wipes results in tonnes of “recyclable” rubbish that makes its way to landfills. Opting for reusable wipes in your home is a good way to be eco-friendly.

Plastic free Cutlery

Going plastic-free at mealtimes is not only better for the environment but also for your kids health. The BPA free fad has fooled many into believing there is such thing as ‘good plastics’. One can use cutlery made of glass, steel, bamboo, etc. Living plastic free and raising your kids to do the same is more convenient than ever. Take some time to research the products you use and what sort of eco-friendly options are out there.

Choose Natural Fibres

Affordable and cute eco-fashions are trending now a days thats ranges from products made with bamboo or certified organic cotton. Eco toys, cotton and linen play tent for babies and toddlers are also available.

Biodegradable Waste Bags

Don’t get caught out wondering how to dispose of baby waste now that you want to wash and reuse those nappies. Biodegradable waste disposal bag system comes handy for you. Keeping your little one clean along with the environment is not that difficult.


Making sure that your child is an eco-conscious kid is one of the best ways to raise him/her. A lot of parents are doing their best to teach their children skills that will serve them well when they become adults. It’s important to pass down skills on how to love and care for your environment to your children. Be a eco friendly Parent !!!

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