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Does india need parenting education?

Well in today’s world where parents think that they are capable of taking their child’s major life decision without taking their choices in consideration. Is parenting education needs in that strata of life.
Well the answer will be absolutely yes as the fine line between parent’s wants and child wants disappears and translated into parent’s wants and securities priorities. In many cases personal care or concerns takes the shape of extreme possesiveness. Listening and understanding child’s want and extending their freedom is needed of pshycological healthy growth of child into adult.Parenting education is important as a great relationship between a parent and child is maintained only through that.Every parent focuses on streams like making their child well-versed in all the fields but parenting education aims at making child educated about sexual abuse so as to how dealt with it in an open media.
Although previous generations does not need it as they had joint families in which the grandpa show their childrens how to parent their childrens but nowdays people have nuclear families in which the parents are unknown about how the upbringing of a child would be.

The benefits of parenting education are as follows-

  • Learning about your child
  • Solutions to common problems
  • Learn more about onself
  • Discipline in life
  • Working with problems
  • Withstanding the problems with the childrens

Thus parenting helps the parents to cope with their childrens and make them strong enough so that they can withstand with any obstacles they find in their lives.

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