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Do parents need parenting workshops!

Do parents need parenting workshops!

Parenting today itself is a big task to do. In today’s generation where the parents are facing so much issues in maintaing balance between their personal and social life, it becomes difficult for them as parents to spend quality time with their childrens to know them better, to give them some moral values and to make them aware about the sensitive issues prevailing in society and what not, thus parenting workshops are required. Now the question must arise what these parenting workshops are? The answer is that these are kinds of workshops that is designed to optimize learning, increase abilities, and decrease feelings of isolation and unacceptable behavior choices and delivered in a various formats, such as Baby and Me, Parent Cafe and Teen Talk. Parenting workshops are not just for young or inexperienced parents; they’re for everyone who wants to be a better parent. It serves a lot of benefits to parents of any race or income level as in-

  1. The more engaged parents are in parenting workshops, the better their confidence, the more positive their view of their role as a parent, and the greater the levels of interaction with their children.
  2. When parents increase their levels and quality of interactions with their children, children become better prepared for school and personal success.
  3. Can take the mystery out of being a parent, sharing what to expect, effective ways to discipline, and the best ways to prepare their children for school.
  4. Staying up-to-date on the newest and most effective parenting techniques.

There are various phases in workshops depending on the age criteria of the child. For ex- if your child is an adolescent then the parenting workshop will provide education about how one should brought up his/her child in this age. So let’s discuss this in breif:

Infant and toddler’s workshops:

It describes expectations parents of infants and toddlers have for themselves. Identifies primary parental responsibilities for caring their toddlers and infants. Areas in which they feel confident about themselves as parents of infants and toddlers are also identified in this workshops. Along with this it also provides examples of what infants/toddlers do to show how they feel. They describes the importance of understanding and responding in a helpful way to infants’ and toddlers’ emotional signals and identifies ways that the parents can tune in to their infants’ and toddlers’ emotional signals and cues. It helps parent in bringing up their child in infant’s age as in-

  • Fostering self esteem in them.
  • Helping the child to cope.
  • Setting limits.
  • Building independence.
  • Establishing routines.
  • Learning to play.
  • Learning to talk.
  • Devloping literacy in child through playing and gestures.

Young children workshops:

It examines the things in parents that will help in motivating children’s behaviors, both negative and positive. It identifies various strategies to parent for encouraging healthy, appropriate behaviors in children, as well as those that encourage children to develop self-discipline. It examines ways for parents to help children resolve conflicts between the siblings as sibling rivalry is dominately seen in this phase of a child. Also it identifies some of the positive rewards of being a sibling. It’s other benefits are-

  • Helps in making child aware about conscience, character and moral values.
  • Encouraging emotional growth.
  • Helps them in coping up with the stress.
  • Helps them in guiding child’s behaviour.
  • Helps them in devloping respect towards elders.
  • Helps in making them use the television wisely
  • Helps them promoting non- violent solutions
  • Helps the parent in bridging the gap between their teens and themsleves.

Adolescent workshops:

Parents become acquainted with brain growth and development. So it identifies and explores learning styles, and discovers how they can create stimulating learning experiences for their young adolescents. It helps in exploring positive ways parents can become more involved in their young adolescent’s school experience. Identifies steps parents can take to solve problems young adolescents may encounter at school. Parents practice positive techniques for talking with their young adolescents about school so that they both will feel socially attached to each other. It serves other benefits also, they are-

  • Helps in preventing substance abuse.
  • Helps in framing communication strategies for parents so that they can communicate freely with their adolescent.
  • Helps in preventing and managing the behavioural problems.
  • Helps in dealing with the child’s emerging sexuality.

Parents should attend these kinds of workshops. It isn’t questionable that a parent be it educated or not can’t brought up their child in the best manner he can. But in this modern generations where the youth is getting involved in sexual abuse or other crimes it is essential for the parents to make their teen aware about all such sensitive issues and provide them the environment where their children can openly share their views and feelings with them without any fear. And workshops do helps the parents a lot in doing this.

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