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Choosing a school in a logical way

Choosing a school in a logical way

Choosing right school for kids is always been a cumbersome process. And in the current situation getting admission to your favorite school is considered as climbing on mount Everest.

Well, a calm and smart research can always help you in taking a right decision at the right time.

First step is preparing the list of schools which you are targeting – this list needs to follow your specific pattern – like which boards you want your child to study in, or if you are looking for nearby schools or if you are specific about language. If you mix up your choices, there are high chances you will not land up anywhere. Start rating each school on the scale of 1 to 10, where 10 being the highest preferred.

Second step is rating these schools on rating of 1 to 10, on how easy is to get admission in these schools. Basically, if it’s easy to get admission then rate 10, and as difficulty level increases keep on decreasing the rating.

Third Step – This step is the most important step and could be a decision-making step as well. With the hike in schools’ fees it is very difficult to cope up financial issues for middle class. Hence put a proper rating in this step. Put the highest rating which falls the most preferred school as per the facility and school standard. Do not rate highest to the schools which has minimum fees as Apple should be compared with Apple only not with Banana. What I mean here, is look for overall facility of the schools (labs, activity centers, sports facilities) and then compare the fees they are charging, then put the rating.

Hopefully you are done! Just sum up all rating for each school and pick the schools which are top rated by you. Please note that this is purely quantitative analysis which will help you to choose the school far better than emotional decisions.

Once you have your list ready, for each school right the date on which applications will be out for school and the date for which the applications need to be submitted. This is very important step, else your whole exercise may go for a toss.

In the end – Choose your kids school logically and which suits you and your child best, not the one which has less fee or high standards or if your friends’ kid is going.

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