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Best Relaxation Techniques for Pregnant Mothers

Best Relaxation Techniques for Pregnant Mothers

Whether it’s your first child or not, Pregnancy is never a child’s play. It’s very common to be anxious thinking about childbirth and even about the times after that. In those stressful moments, to take off a little load from your shoulders, here are some popular relaxation techniques can pregnant mothers can make use of:

Counting Technique:

This might be the most popular technique that you have heard as a suggestion to tackle stress. It’s also the simplest. You start counting as you breathe and reverse the order of counting when you exhale. This can be done during a stressful situation or just before you go to bed or on waking up.

You can do it in natural surroundings with music for best results.

Deep Breathing

Breathing exercise is very common if you need to calm yourself down or just get rid of your anger. The steps in this one are very similar to those but can be done in different scenarios and surroundings for a variety of results.

You need to sit or lie down, as per your comfort, and inhale deeply while sticking out your abdomen and exhale in a slow and steady movement. Exhaling will cause your abdomen to go in. You have to repeat this as a pattern according to your comfort zone. If you are doing it right, you can place your abdomen movements if you try and wrap your hands around your stomach. Once you do that, you can feel your body shifting along with your actions.

Alphabetical Technique

This one is more imaginative than the others as you have to close your eyes and imagine the English letters moving in and out of your body with each breath. As weird as it may sound, its effects are no less than any other stress-relieving technique. Besides, it also gets your mind to work so that you avoid thinking anything unnecessary and cause yourself anxiety.

The process is pretty straightforward and it’s mostly about thinking. As you inhale, you have to imagine each letter of English language entering your mind in a wind like motion. And when you exhale, image the opposite, that they are leaving from the other side of your head. Plus, you don’t have to go alphabetically, you can even choose or let someone choose random letters for you that you can imagine.

Facial Technique

This exercise is one of the complex ones and even though it’s based around your face it relaxes your whole mind and body. The steps are as follows: you have to lie on your bed and slowly close your eyes while focusing on the muscles around your eyes. Think about the movements around your face and you follow through this. You can sense the relaxed state moving around your face, starting from your eyes and going to your cheekbones and then your jaws and finally the chin.

Your eyes would be feeling heavier and as you place your tongue at the palate you can feel the energy around your mind connecting. If you try, you can imagine letting yourself sinking into the pillow and your stress flying away while that happens. Your shoulders would open up a little and slowly but surely expands through your whole body.

In all these techniques, adding peaceful music and ensuring no one is disturbing you will level them up for a better experience. As a bonus tip, these relaxation techniques can also be used around the labour period but you might have to be well-practised. Even 15 minutes each day can leave a very impressive and lasting impact.

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