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All you need to know about choosing your child’s school

All you need to know about choosing your child’s school

Those who have decided which school matches their quality and needs , the real life agony for applying and waiting starts. If your top pick school is selective or has limited spaces, u may be left tapping your toes for a few days to weeks or more.

Don’t panic if it seems like every family you know is in the same competition. We hope by now you know that high demand does not always mean high quality, and there are hidden gems in lesser know cities and villages.

Not only you but your kid as well must be feeling a wee bit of stress by now. Remember choosing a school is an emotional feeling , more so if you care greatly about the quality and fit for your child’s school.

As you progress from choosing a school to  getting the school choose your child, the biggest two concerns will be timing and relationships.

Timing :

Getting in really is more than spin. Please, always follow your particular Target Schools admission and registration process precisely.

Even if your child is a top candidate or seeming shoo-in, you must do what is required at the right times to ensure your child’s spot in your school of choice.

You might wish someone else would keep up with the deadlines, appointments and paperwork, but they won’t, and so you must. Schools are simply too busy to keep up with you, so you must keep up with them.

Relationships :

While you are flitting about finding facts about the schools, the schools are getting to see you the parent, and sometimes your child, in action.You’ll want to use this chance not just to collect this information you need and meet formal admission criteria, but also to get the relationships with potential schools off to a strong start.

You need to do no less than a fine balancing act to build your relationships with prospective schools. Keep this guiding principals in mind :

Be polite
Be genuine
Be firm
Listen well

At last the word to the wise is this: do not assume you will get your first choice or even your second, unless your child is guaranteed admission. So sit back and relax and go with the flow. Take care of the points that is in your control.


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