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A Guide to Digital Parenting

A Guide to Digital Parenting

In today’s tech-savvy world, our younger generation understands and adapt to the changing technology faster than the current generation ever will.

Even if you think that you got it all covered with the latest apps and regular updating of your mind for the digital age, here are some tips that might come handy to make your life smoother:

Offline Hours

Internet is all about attention-seeking from consuming social media, entertainment and a never-ending source of information. But it’ll consume you into yourself like a black hole if you just don’t know when to stop.

What you have to do is to find or create some worthwhile activities for your kids that they can do offline. It can be going to the playground, parks, playing a sport or just interactive storytelling sessions. The experience won’t be worth having if your child won’t get something more interesting than they are already doing online.

The healthy relationship between digital and real-world is really important. That’s what you have to teach your child as well.

Examples are Important

Children love to mimic what their parents are doing. Yes, you can tell them what to do and what not to do but none of that will matter if you are not doing what you are telling them to do.

By limiting yourself from the digital world and doing a good number of offline activities to lead by an example. Teach them about the usage and benefits of the internet though do not leave out the harms of how an addiction towards the digital world can turn out really hazardous.

Set Limits

Just like we have to set boundaries around children’s playing and TV time, the digital world needs to have some time limits as well. The limits, however, aren’t always around the time only. There’s a whole dark world of internet that you don’t want your kids to discover.

That’s why you have to set some limits around what websites and apps they can and they can’t explore. It can be easily done with a kid’s mode available at different places around the web. Coming to the time, you have to limit their screen time and even the time they can spend doing anything online or just digital.

Following up on the previous tip, these boundaries are not to be broken by you as well, at least, not in front of your children.


Keeping an Eye

It’s bad. It’s really bad if you are out there stalking your children online. And you won’t even realize when you start overdoing it. Just like any sensible adult, kids need some space and privacy as well.

If you are keeping an eye for them online, you have to be like a friend and follow but not a stalker. It’ll take some time for them to understand with whom they should and shouldn’t talk. So, it’s your job to encourage them to create a good digital space where they are comfortable but not open enough that people can take advantage of their young minds.

Stopping them from using the internet will only make them want to use it even more. That’s why you have to get them to see the precautions that they have to take while ensuring that as parents, you are looking out just enough to protect them from the wrong company or simply over-usage.

Communication is Important

Social Media and the digital world are mostly about communication which is why you need to make your kids realize how important it is for them to talk to you. Engage them in frequent conversations about what they are doing in their digital world and don’t forget to make them talk about certain topics.

If you get them comfortable enough to talk about what they are doing online, you might cover what they are finding online from apps, websites and everything in-between.

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