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4 Hacks to cut your Kids junk food content

4 Hacks to cut your Kids junk food content

When it comes to eating, we all know how much kids love anything and everything that’s junk. As a parent, we consciously don’t approve it but most of the time we let it go to keep peace and happiness.

With lifestyle changes, eating out more often, birthday and other social parties or for that matter time crunch, it’s impossible to cut down totally on that but its totally possible to reduce the junk intake.

Here, are 4 hacks to help you win the junk food war.

1.  Go preservative free

Look for drinks that are not packaged and preservative free. Go for natural and fresh juices, a home made mojito , smoothie or any quick mocktail or lemonade. The look and color actually does more magic than the taste for kids. So, get some nice crockery sets, little decorations around the drink and some natural colors and flavors.

2.  Ease on the calorie meter

Keeping a check on the calories is not a great idea always. Fresh deep fried or shallow fried food is far better that a packaged baked food. Basically, food that doesn’t go bad is not good for you. So let you kids have that extra samosa, vada, bhajiya,etc.

3. Look what you are passing on


We all love chocolates. That’s a delicacy we should not be deprived of but we should know the limits as well. Try to refrain from gifting chocolates on every occasion including as birthday return gift. Have we lost all gifting ideas ??  It happens most of the time, that your refrigerator is full of chocolates, even if you have not bought one. Some you pass on, some you indulge on and that’s out of no choice eating. Start the change, gift things that you would like in return, be vocal about how much you don’t like passing on chocolates,etc.

4. Be the change you want to see

Kids usually love what their family and friends are eating. Parent’s lifestyle has a huge impact on kids and therefore, as a parent you need to check on yourself before you advice your kids.




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